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IPV is the only media asset management platform that powers remote and in-house video workflows via lightweight, frame-accurate streaming proxies. This means that you can create video content at scale no matter where your team is located.

Have a video shoot in Thailand, but your editors are in New York and Los Angeles? No problem! As soon as ingest begins, streaming proxies are automated - and streamed directly into your editors’ Adobe Premiere Pro instantly - all over basic internet speeds, without the need to download.

Your producer is in Chicago? They can log into Curator and add in notes and even an audio clip and let your editors know where to put it - all at the same time!

Need to find a video that you filmed 7 years ago? Use our AI quick search to rapidly find the clip or Mogrt you need and begin working in minutes.


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We didn’t know if the frame-accurate streaming proxies were actually real – until the test was successful! We knew we needed to pivot to IPV.”
-Hoon Kim, Creative Production Manager, Airbnb

“Curator is a solution for the entire company at WarnerMedia. We’re using it for post-production and sports, especially on the live side. We have metadata services who do a ton of tagging; every single time Sheldon wears a Marvel t-shirt on Big Bang Theory, that’s tagged! And Curator is growing across CNN, HBO LA and even HBO Max as marketing groups are starting to see the value of what we’re doing here.”
- Jacob Anderson, Digital Asset Manager Warner Media

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