Crafting customer engagement: Advanced video strategies for digital and creative agencies

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The demand for your customers’ video content has never been higher, and it presents an opportunity to engage audiences with content that they previously may not have had the time to consume. 

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We work best with any organization that is serious about video. Our lightest customers use IPV to manage around 1500 video assets, our heaviest customers ingest over 10,000 hours of 4k video every week. NASA, HBO, Home Depot, Altitude Sports, Sky, YouTube, AMPAS, The Golf Channel, ESPN, International Criminal Court, CNN, and many more!

What Creatives say about IPV's Media Asset Management

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“With over 300 creatives working on projects for the world’s top media and entertainment clients, we required a state-of-the-art product that both we and our clients can trust. IPV’s CuratorNow provides us with a level of security that is unmatched by our competitors, allowing our producers and editors to work seamlessly offsite while keeping all of our assets in our on-premise secure media storage.”

Rick Eiserman, CEO of Trailer Park

In this free eBook you will learn about:

The principles of effective video marketing 📽️

People want stories and you should use your clients' marketing content to provide them.

Understand what makes video so compelling in the first place and how to best use it for brand storytelling. To help, we will explain what are the 6 important principles of effective video marketing to help you succeed. 

Using video to improve customer experience 🌟

Every way in which customers interact with a brand forms a part of their experience, and video can play a leading role in each of these stages.

The personal touch at scale is one of video's greatest assets and we'll go through how to achieve that. Learn how to make customer experience videos starting with using your client's product, to FAQs and power user videos.

The technical challenges and solutions to video at scale 🛠️

Video production provides a range of creative opportunities, but brings almost as many technical challenges. Storage, access and file sizes are front and center. You’ll need help and cooperation from your IT team to address and resolve these challenges.

We will give you a primer on the technical side of what will make your use of video possible. 

Uniting creative and technical outcomes

Are you ready to make the most out of the power of video in just one click?

We’ve combined our years of experience and knowledge of the industry to create this advanced guide to crafting customer engagement for creative and digital agencies.