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The demand for video content has never been higher and with it comes the need for organizations to implement the right technologies and improve video content creation processes.  

Video Asset Management (VAM) sits at the
intersection of a whole host of technologies focused
on improving video creation and storage. 

So, is your organization prepared to participate in the future of video?

By downloading this ebook, you will: 

  • Learn about the leading edge of production and video asset management (VAM) and solutions available.
  • Discover how to create a blueprint to optimize your workflows.
  • Improve your video creation and storage efficiency and enable yourself to creatively engage in the storytelling medium of the future.  

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In this free Video Asset Management Handbook you will learn about:

What is video asset management (VAM)

We will explain what VAM really means and go through all the industry terms that are used to describe systems able to catalog, sort and support videos and digital assets. Yes - you will finally understand the difference between VAM, PAM, DAM, MAM and VDAM!

The new technology transforming VAM

Get guidance on the new capabilities offered by technology and how to use it to maximise human potential. Learn about the best practices your teams should implement when it comes to storage, securely sharing video files and remote & online editing.

Matching software and hardware requirements

Find out what hardware and infrastructure requirements you need to consider before making a software purchase. You will also discover what processes you need to update to match the technology and to achieve greater success.

How to future-proof your video content creation

We will provide you with a personalised checklist based on the capabilities you need, so you can make the right decision about your video technology upgrade. Lastly, you will learn about what the future holds for VAM.

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