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Grow Your Business with Video ebook

Video isn't the future, it's the present. It's the number one engager of audiences and it's essential to include in your marketing.

But for your video content strategy to really take off you need to consider all the stakeholders involved.

It's not just the creatives in your business who need to get the most out of it, your IT teams also need functionality.

With this eBook, the sky is the limit for your organization and growing it through video. Learn how to tell your brand's story at scale, as we cover topics including marketing principles, VAM, and IT requirements β€” are you ready blast your content strategy into another galaxy?

One small form for man... One giant leap for video production! πŸš€ ➑️

In this free eBook you will learn about:

Briefing IT for your video vamp up πŸ’ͺ

Video production doesn't fall solely on the shoulders of creatives. A collaborative infrastructure needs to be in place, and that means letting your IT teams know what's coming!

We go behind the scenes of video β€” from dealing with large file storage demands, to video asset management, to production workflows β€” ensuring you have everything in place for dealing with video at scale.


Using video to tell your story πŸ“–

Video is the most impactful medium (when it's done right!). Learn about the core marketing principles that will enable you to release reels that resonate.

Communicating your brand is essential, so let's get you in the spotlight. We'll teach you how to deliver video with a story, to the right audience, at the right time. 

Improving customer experience with video 🌟

First impressions count, and video can deliver a customer experience that adds value from the get-go.

Everyone wants to be valued. From their first visit on your website to onboarding them as a customer, you'll learn how to use video to deliver a personalized experience for your prospects.

The future of communication πŸ’¬

Today's digital world is information-rich, and although we all want to feel special, turning on the charm over the phone just doesn't work like it used to. 

We're not neglecting the traditional, we're giving it a makeover. Learn how to take the emotional connection of personal interactions and deliver it in a way that's scalable, affordable and impactful.

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