A Quick Guide to Business Continuity for Video Professionals

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We can't ignore it – COVID-19 is seriously disrupting video production right now. While much of the world is easily switching to remote working, video editing brings a unique set of challenges to working from home. So, as a starting point, we've put together a new eBook - A Quick Guide to Business Continuity for Video Professionals - to help all video professionals with the technicalities and practicalities of creating content and editing from home.

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In this free eBook you will learn about:

How to get IT ready for video at scale

Video production requires the coordination of specialists, dedicated IT resources and creative flare. Learn how to get your IT team ready for the demands of large file size and storage, understand VAM and build an effective workflow to operate at scale.

How to use video for brand communication

Learn about the six key principles to effective video marketing to deploy video with purpose.

You need to tell a story in your video. Discover what brand storytelling is, how a good story looks like, how to identify your customer and how to build the right narrative.

How to use video to improve customer experience and for onboarding

The personal touch at scale is one of video's greatest assets. Learn how to make customer experience videos that are effective. 

Video is also the ideal medium for instruction. Learn how to create a video onboarding programme to get new hires up to speed.

What is the future of communication

The goal of using video right is to replicate the emotional connection of a face-to-face interaction without the logistical cost. Find out how to replace the traditional forms of communication with video assets and create an effective long-term video marketing strategy.

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