eBook: The Secrets of CX Appeal

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With human attention spans dwindling, engaging your audience is essential. We all lead busy lives — we don't have time for clunky websites or unnecessary pages of copy. CX matters — we want quick answers and easy-to-digest information, and there's no better vehicle for this than video.

As they say, first impressions count, and when it comes to potential customers, CX can be the difference between losing or gaining that all-important conversion. In this eBook, you will learn about what it takes to successfully implement a coherent CX strategy across your business, and why video is the perfect medium to achieve this.


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CX eBook

In this free eBook you will learn about:

Why is CX important for businesses

If you don’t offer a good experience, you can be sure that your customers will go to a competitor next time. Find out why CX is important and why many organizations are already using video to create exceptional CX at scale. 

Why you should use video for CX

Find out why video is a powerful and effective medium and how you can use it to build trust with your viewers. Learn about how you can use video for creating CX and make the most of its accessibility, repeatability, cost-effectiveness and analytics. 

How to create CX videos 10x more efficiently

Discover what are the creative components of your CX video and the process of creating one. In this section, we'll share simple guidelines that will help you produce video 10x faster without sacrificing quality in any way. 

How to measure the success of CX

Find out how you can determine if your videos are successfully enhancing CX. Learn about leverage metrics relevant to your organization's KPIs and what are the 7 key metrics that will help you measure the effectiveness and impact of your CX videos.

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