• Workflow was folder and file name-based

  • Data flow to the cloud was decoupled from creative process

  • Could not search for content quickly and easily

  • Other groups needed to search and access content

  • Disparate islands of data

  • Cloud data was stored in proprietary formats

  • Large amount of legacy content and artwork they wanted to bring into the Esports gaming community


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  • IPV Curator + SoDA in a hybrid cloud deployment model

  • Archive on ingest to AWS Glacier

  • SoDA handles data movement to and from the cloud within IPV Curator

  • Video editing using lightweight proxies

  • IPV uses streaming proxies into Adobe Premier

“IMT and IPV have a strong track record for building successful OnPrem and Hybrid Cloud digital media solutions.” 

        Jason Kranitz: President of IMT, Systems Integration


Business Benefits

  • Gaming videos, legacy game material, artwork and promos are now searchable and available to multiple groups

  • Editors can now WFH and edit via proxy and conform on-prem, increasing employee productivity

  • Real-time cost analytics to control cloud budget and spend.




IPV is serious about video; and serious about creating innovative ways to help broadcasters and creatives move, manage, and monetize their media assets. Organizations of all kinds have more media content than ever before and need to effectively store, organize, search and edit huge amounts of content. Curator, IPV’s intelligent, enterprise media asset management platform gives editors, producers and video professionals the power to make the most of their video and helps create, collaborate and automate more, smarter and faster.

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